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The seed certification service (SCS) of the department of Agriculture was formally established in 1979 with the assistance of the Netherland Government Aid program.
SCS which belongs to the directorate of Seed certification and plant protection performs regulatory functions pertaining to assuring the quality of seeds and planting materials available to farmers.
Seed quality control system is being conducted by Seed Certification Service with;
fp1 Components
fp1 Filed inspection
fp1 Seed sampling and testing
fp1 Post control testing
fp1 Variety identification and certification
fp1 Perennial fruit crop certification
fp1 Implementation of seed act
Currently, it operates in all seed producing areas in 24 SCS regional units, 5 postcontrol fields, 4 seed testing laboratories and a seed health testing and seed research laboratory.
Central seed testing laboratory is a member of International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) and all the seed testing laboratories maintain therequirement of ISTA.
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